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Waterbomb Of Polyhedral Surface Consists Of Regular Squares.

Waterbomb base pattern is combined with a series of regular squares, creating a flexible and curved three-dimensional model. If the pattern length increases, the curved surface increases

Waterbomb classical Base

Waterbomb classical base, combined with a series of regular square

Regular square waterbomb tessellation in fully collapsed and expanded, curved.
Iso-area square waterbomb tessellation in fully collapsed and expanded, flat..

As a result of residual stresses in the crevices, Waterbomb tessellation with regular square when folded acquires a cylindrical shape. On the axes that have little energy of folding. The auto-tension makes bistable in two orthogonal directions
For best results use a relatively stiff paper. Below is a grid of 8 x 8 at the end will show a grid of 16 * 16.

You must prepare the paper, all the valley bend folds as shows the pattern of folding, this represents the base Waterbomb. The best way is to use the back side paper and then in front side create the mountain folds.
Start at the back of the paper by one corner and follow the collapse along the new fold

It looks slightly bending the folds, so it acquires a slight three-dimensional shape.

Back to the corners and start to collapse Waterbomb bases, together with more force. This action required maintains the sections folded together, while it is folding the rest.

Place the model tessellation, on a flat surface. Apply voltage to reduce the curve. Hold paper the extremes, and push to put together the pattern. Pinch the pleats vertical one by one, to reinforce the folds already prepared, and give shape memory to paper.

You can use paper clips or other suitable clamps to hold the folding pattern in the process.

As personal advice based on my limited experience, I recommend that if you want to bend large patterns try to keep this form of accordion folds. Alternating the folds in each stage of the folding process, which must be worked by diagonal sections.

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